IDFL Sterilization Permits

The down and feather industry has a general global requirement that down and feathers  and other naturals fill materials must be sterilized as part of the washing and drying process. This process helps ensure that materials are clean from unwanted bacteria and disease. 

Before fill materials can be sold in some States in the USA, a sterilization permit must be obtained. IDFL offers a comprehensive sterilization inspection program that includes:

  • Initial application for sterilization permits and factory inspections of the sterilization processing operations
  • Annual notification and renewal of permits
  • Re-inspection of the sterilization processing operation, as required every three years. 

- Application Process

  1. Send in the Sterilization Request Form to IDFL at
  2. IDFL reviews and sends the necessary forms and a questionnaires regarding the sterilization process. 
  3. Fill in and return completed form and questionnaire to IDFL.
  4. Factory inspection is scheduled and completed. 
  5. IDFL completes the sterilization inspection report. If necessary, IDFL will also submit the application document to the governing body (such as the State governing body) for the official permit number.
  6. Upon completion, IDFL provides the electronic sterilization permit via email.

- Factory Inspection

The entire operation of of the sterilization processing factory will be inspected, including:

 from arrival of the raw material to the sorting, washing, drying, blending, and storage. 

  • Review of incoming materials storage
  • Review of processing (sorting, washing, drying, blending)
  • Review of sterilization method(s)
  • Review of storage procedures
  • Review of any additional cleanliness processes

- Renewal and Re-inspection

Permits are usually only valid for one year from the date of issuance. In order for the permit to remain valid, it must be renewed annually. In most cases, the annual renewal can be completed by notification. Every three years after the initial sterilization inspection, a re-inspection of the location is required.

If equipment has changed, or equipment has been added or relocated to a new location, a re-inspection is required.  The factory will receive a renewal report as an addendum to its initial inspection and the USA sterilization permits will be renewed.

The IDFL comprehensive sterilization program will meet the specific requirements from various countries, states/provinces, association and buyers.